The Heart of Dharma Collection—Eight exquisite thangka images of Buddhist deities and four precious dharma teachings. Presented
on beautiful laminated cards, these sacred images and sublime teachings are perfect for your altar, desk, or wall, and they make excellent gifts for your dharma friends!

Our Thangka and Dharma Teaching Altar Cards are the perfect size and format…easily accessible for your dharma studies, spiritual practice, and inspiration. These beautiful thangka and dharma cards are designed especially for your altar, desk, wall, purse, or briefcase. You can even take them along with you on your travels! The artistic beauty and symbolism of the Buddhist deities and the wisdom of the dharma teachings are always welcome companions.

Each of the four Dharma Teaching Altar Cards is a radiant gem of wisdom, providing you with a profound, accurate, and complete dharma teaching transmission. Illuminating commentaries are on the backside of each card. Precious dharma teachings right at your fingertips! Teachings include: Eight Verses for Training the Mind, The Four Immeasurables, The Four Noble Truths and The Noble Eightfold Path, and the Loving-kindness Meditation.

The eight Thangka Altar Cards are exquisite lithographic reproductions of original hand-painted thangkas. Each image is a masterpiece, alive with profound significance relating to the path of awakening and liberation. On the back of each card, the name, description, and sacred mantra of the deity is provided. These sublime Buddhist deity images provide constant encouragement and support as spiritual resources for one’s dharma practice. Thangka Altar Cards available: Avalokiteshvara, Green Tara, Manjushri, Medicine Buddha, Padmasambhava, Buddha Shayamuni, Vajrasattva with Consort, and White Tara.

Everyone from curious beginners to advanced practitioners will enjoy and benefit from our Heart of Dharma Collection. We offer our Thangka and Dharma Altar Cards to individuals, bookstores, and dharma centers. In addition, through our Naljor Prison Dharma Service, a nonprofit organization, we provide precious dharma teachings and an excellent Resource Directory for Prisoners free of charge to prison outreach organizations who then supply these materials to men and women in prison throughout the United States.

Cherishing and caring for others is
the source of all happiness.
Cherishing ourselves over others,
is the source of all suffering
and negative conditions.

– Shantideva

May the virtue of this Dharma work be dedicated to liberating all living beings from suffering, and to the ultimate goal of enlightenment for the benefit of all. May the precious, superior heart-mind of compassion, wisdom, and love be generated in those who have not yet generated it. M ay it not decrease in those who have developed it, but increase continuously.